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Project Name Blue Sky

ClientCorporate Company Internal

Date 2015

Blue Sky

After a company restructure, staff were put into various “pods” with different functions. I was asked to create a logo for the Innovations and New Business Pod.

The name “Blue Sky” was chosen after a fun scrabble contest.

The meaning for Blue Sky, from what I understood and could find is the following; “Optimistic, non-judgemental and intended to generate ideas that while not necessarily realistic, might help define ideal goals or higher standards”

The hues of blue that I used, I used from the Company Visual Identity, so as to keep it under the umbrella of the brand.

I sketched each idea out first, and then took them into Illustrator. The logo mark chosen was the circle with mountains, dotted with a few stars and a comet. Desktop wallpapers were created, and the logo was used on all internal collateral.

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