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Project Name His Presence Media

ClientJean van der Westhuizen

Date 2014

His Presence Media

His Presence Media specialises in filming, photography and digital design. My client approached me, with the vision for his business, but unsure as to what his identity would look like. He stressed that his logo must represent the name, however that will look.

Because it is a filming and media company, I could have fun with this, so I did go all out with effects and what not.

The His Presence Media identity represents the majesty, holiness and power of the Living God. The blue colours in the identity represent the Holy Spirit, and the brown colours represent the cross of Jesus Christ. The overall look of the logo is elegant, professional and even somewhat mysterious.

Are you a new start up and have no idea where to begin? I know! I can help and I love collaborating and making my clients hearts vision a reality! Lets do this together.

For incredible service, and impeccable quality, get in touch with our partner, His Presence Media:

and visit the His Presence Media website: www.hispresencemedia.co.za