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Project Name Isaiah 6v1

ClientProphetic Painting/Personal work

Date 2015

Isaiah 6v1

It is when we feel we are in our darkest moments in life that Jesus has a way of breaking through into our darkness with His magnificent light. It is in His presence where we are changed, He instills hope in us, envelops us in His astonishing love and invites us deeper into His heart.

I was crying out to the Lord one afternoon, I was such a mess. Crying my eyes out, as silent prayers shot up from the depths of my heart in my sobs.

I was on the floor and had my head and arms rested on a chair. I imagined I was lying on His lap. I was crying out for intimacy, to know Him as tangible, and more real than the air that I breathe. I was desperate for a real and ongoing connection with Him.

As I lay there, and started to relax, tired from the crying, I saw myself on the floor of the throne room, and I saw the train of His robe envelop that throne room floor! And the brilliant and blinding light emanating from Him as I tried my hardest to see His face, and during this encounter with His glory and magnificence, I heard these words “and the train of His robe filled the temple”. I immediately went to look this up in the bible to find out if there was even such a verse, as I knew something like this didn’t come from me.

Can you imagine and picture the incredible elation of joy and wonder when I found this verse? There was no way I could imagine something like this on my own, and I was just so amazed and in awe of Him, and that is when I decided I needed to and SO wanted to paint this, so that I never forget.

This painting now hangs in my home and I believe it releases His presence into our home. Jesus is amazing!!!!

Dimensions: 2m x 50cm
Original Medium used: Acrylic ink and acrylic on canvas

Maybe you have something on your own heart that you are holding onto, hoping that as time goes on, it doesn’t fade away, maybe you don’t have the resources to “get this out of you”, into a tangible reminder for your own life. Why not consider commissioning me to make your vision a reality? I would love to be of service! Email me and lets chat

Thank you for your support and for being here! I love making people happy with my work!