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Project Name NaturOsteo (UK)

ClientSiham Louzri

Date 2015


I was approached by Siham to create a logo for her new Natural Medical Osteopathy practice. The brief was to create something that is “crisp, clean, with the colour green, and maybe a leaf with a spine”.

Before I dove right into sketches, I had to research what Osteopathy is. I really wanted to capture the vision my client had, making sure that the final representation of her logo embodies what Osteopathy is, not just what I think it is according to wikipedia.

After lots of sketches of ideas, I sent some options of the rough layout to my client, and presented what I had in mind for her, she gave me the go ahead, and I created three different layouts for her.

The final logo, as shown above, is what she decided to go with. I used the “O” in Osteo as a mark for the actual logo layout. The “O” has got the spine going through the middle, as well as soft vignettes of two flat greens in the background, representing natural, well-being and newness. I mixed a cold lighter grey and a darker grey for the letters, black would be too harsh, and I feel the grey’s work incredibly well for the medical profession.

All in all, a happy client, and happy designer!

Maybe you are in the wellbeing field, whether that be medical or natural? Are you looking for your very own Logo and Visual Identity, why not pop me an email and get in touch!

If you are in the UK at all, and would like to visit Siham’s clinic, why not pop in and visit Siham: www.osteocliniclondon.co.uk

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