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Project Name The Fernygodmother


Date 2014

The Fernygodmother

A family member had an awesome idea to make healthy, packed and fresh lunches for kids. She figured, parents have so much going and so much on the go, how often do they think of nutritional lunches for their kids? Yup….I thought so too.

So her idea was, to take the pressure off of parents, and do all the hard work for them, and this is where The Fernygodmother was born.

Now, something I forgot to mention, this family “member” has got the most exquisite palate and makes the most extraordinary food! I was so excited for this new venture, I dove right into my sketchpad and started creating.

This beauty of a godmother was created out of that. I used teal blue and splashes of fuchsia as to not make it “too girly”, it needed to appeal to both little girls AND boys.

Do you need stuff designed for party packs? It might not even have anything to do with fairies! No worries, whatever it is you need, I can help, lets work together.